Assumptions, Limitations & Delimitations

  • The assumptions, limitations, and delimitations give the reader a clear understanding of the major influencing facts of the project
  • This is often presented in bullet points and is only a few hundred words
  • Assumptions (respondents/ population)
    • About the population being represented
      • Is there any issues with your population
      • Is there any issues with your sample
    • About the respondents or data set
      • Is there any issues individual respondents (ethical\ moral)
      • Do these issues influence the data and overall findings
  • Limitations (design/ method)
    • Of your data
      • Is the data accurate
      • Do you have to modify the data to make it usable
    • Of the experiment design
      • Is there issues with your data gathering process
      • Is there issues with the collection tool\ software
  • Delimitations (limit the scope)
    • How can your findings be used
      • Is your sample representative of the whole population
        • Subgroup, College, Country, World
    • Who would use your findings
      • Teacher, Business people, Researchers, Government


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