Gestalt Theory

The following is based on the web design chapter from the book, Teaching Computer Science in Secondary Schools and Colleges (2014), although the same theories are available in many other books and online blogs.

  • Gestalt is a German word meaning “essence or shape of an entity’s complete form”
  • Humans see the overall shape and colour before the details
  • For example, a stone mansion cut the material to the shape that they want before add the details
  • Google “gestalt pictures” for examples
  • In practice this means that you should look at the overall shape (structure, silhouette)
  • Remember,  until you change the structure the page will always look the same
Gestalt Theory - Before Change

Figure 1) Gestalt Theory – Before Change

Gestalt Theory - After Change

Figure 2) Gestalt Theory – After Change


Gestalt Theory
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