Linear Models (Waterfall)

Possible layout for linear models


  • Identification of the problem
    • it is critical to identify the problem because……
  • System analysis (what the system needs to do)
    • highlight what system mapping you will use (UML, data flow diagram etc…)
    • highlight what data you might capture when assessing tasks
  • Feasibility assessment
    • think about the how much time the project will take
    • think about how much money it will cost to develop
    • think about how much money it will cost the company to install on their system
  • List of system requirements
    • User Requirements
    • Software Requirements
    • System Requirements
    • Feasibility


  • User interfaces
    • what user interface will you need
    • who are the primary users of these interfaces
  • Design documents
    • how will you share your interface layouts with your customer
    • how will you show interface interaction with your customer
  • Technical support documents
    • what technical documents will you create and why


  • See, Testing the artefact
  • System testing
    • what system testing will you do and why
    • how will you undertake these tests
    • what protocols will you use
  • User testing
    • what users will you test and why
    • what tests will you undertake and why
    • what protocols will you use
  • User help documents
    • what help document will you provide for the interface users
    • how will they access and search these documents
  • Finalised technical support documents
    • what technical documents will you provide and why
    • how will these documents be accessed and searched


  • Installation on to customer hardware
    • how will you test to make sure that the new software installs correctly
    • how will you test for system and interface errors
  • Maintenance (keep the software up to date and working correctly)
    • what maintenance issues will the client need to consider
Linear Models (Waterfall)
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