Project Planning

  • Depending on your university this is typically a detailed Gantt Chart
  • The best way to create an excellent Gantt Chart is by creating a report structure
  • A report structure is a list of all the headings which you will use in your report
  • You use the report structure to create the milestones on your Gantt Chart
    • To create a report structure you need to have a very clear understanding of your project
    • It is much more than saying Literature Survey or Research Methods
    • You need to break every level one heading (chapter heading) down into subheadings (level two headings).
    • Where possible you need to add level three headings.
  • For example:


Chapter Three – Research Methods

  • Choosing A Software Approach
    • Open source software
    • Bespoke software
    • Proprietary software
  • Professional Development Standards
    • Hardware
      • WiFi Standard – 802.11n
    • Software
      • Human Computer Interface Standards
      • PHP5 Release



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