Understanding The Report Structure

  • It is important to realise that there is no one way of writing a report
    • The report structure is dependent on the nature or the purpose of the report
    • The chapters are interconnected – Video and Simple Image
  • Your report needs to achieve three things:
    • Show that you know about your field
    • You have produced something
    • You have evaluated and concluded your approach
  • Part One: The Project
    • The first half of your report will show that
      • You understand the problem and its context
      • You know what other peoples have done within the field (context)
      • You can formulate a test to prove that you have overcome the problem
  • Part Two: The Product
    • The second half of the report will be about your product
      • Social science: this is your results and discussion
      • Computer science: this is your artefact (program, feasibility report etc…)
  • Part Three: The Evaluation and Conclusion
    • You need to evaluate your product and approach
    • You need to make some key conclusion
  • The MOST IMPORTANT factor is that each chapter is interconnected
    • For example:
      • Computer science: the artefact requirements must make direct links to your literature review
      • Social science: the discussion must make direct links with your literature review
Understanding The Report Structure
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