Audax and DIY Routes

All routes start at Meirheath (Stone, Stoke on Trent – ST3)


The Flat OneDIY
RAF ShawburyDIYRide Report
RAF CosfordDIYRide Report
Stoke: Around StaffordDIYRide Report
The 1942 Battle of Midway!DIYRide Report
Stoke: Around Burton Upon TrentDIYRide Report
New – Touching DerbyDIY
The Ashbourne LoopDIY, 1.5AAARide Report
New – Around The CloudDIY, 1.75AAA
Around StokeDIY, 1.75AAARide Report
Ashbourne & The Mermaid InnDIY, 2AAARide Report
New – Mow Cop via The Peak’sDIY, 2AAA
New – The RoachesDIY, 2.25AAA
The Goyt ValleyDIY, 2.25AAARide Report
The Cat & FiddleDIY, 2.25AAA
Rocester & The Mermaid InnDIY, 2.5AAARide Report
Pistyll Rhaeadr, Bala and VyrnwyDIY, 2.5AAARide Report
The Peak PunisherDIY, 3AAA


Moreton Corbet Castle Long (Prees Heath, Dinkys Dinahs)DIY, 1,330mRide Report
A Place Call HopeDIY, 1,410mRide Report
New – Stoke: Eccleshall, KnutsfordDIY, 1,414mRide Report
Stoke, Baschurch, Chirk and BackDIY, 1,500mRide Report
Chirk, Touching WalesDIY, 1,503m
Four Counties and Two Countries (Dinkys Dinahs, Chester)DIY, 1,557mRide Report
Newtown for BreakfastDIY, 1,742m
Stoke: Around Nottingham (DIY, 200km, 1,850m)DIY, 1,850mRide Report
New – Stoke: Around Brum (DIY, 200km, 1,905m)DIY, 1,905m
New – Stoke: Bishop Castle (DIY, 200km, 2,013m)DIY, 2,013m
New – Stoke: Lake VyrnwyDIY, 2,102m
Stoke to Worlds EndDIY, 1.5AAARide Report
Stoke to Worlds End – V2DIY, 2AAA
The Peaks, Cheshire and Stoke In A DayDIY, 3AAARide Report
Verson 2 @ 3.25AAA,
Verson 3 @ 3.5AAA,
Verson 4 @ 3.75AAA,
Verson 5 @ 4AAA
The Mountain Passes of SnowdoniaDIY, 3.5AAARide Report
Bala and Snowdonia Passes [Trawsfynydd]DIY, 4AAA
The Soul Destroyer’s SonDIY, 4.5AAA
The Peak Soul DestroyerDIY, 5AAA





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