Dec 13

Mobile Devices: Getting A Bit More From The Battery

In the last five years we have seen an explosion of mobile devices within the general population so much that it is estimated that the typical British teenager owns six mobile devices, with 84% owning a smartphone, BBC (2013). Where as … Continue reading

Dec 12

Understanding Mobile Apps: Is There A Difference?


We all use Apps (application) on our phones or touchpads but have you ever thought about how they differ?  There are many ways in which we can classify or group App’s but I want to explore how we group App’s in … Continue reading

Dec 07

Customer Relationships, Management or Managed?

Traditionally, customer relationships were managed through software tools, marketing and advertising.  This was the era of ‘I have a product and you need it.’  For example, when mobile phones first came within the reach of the general public it was … Continue reading