Creating A Project Artifact Title

Please read ‘Creating Research Question Title‘ blog first

  • Your title needs to tell the read what problem you are addressing and a possible solution
  • Your title needs to be:
    • Clear
      • To the point
      • No unnecessary words
    • Specific
      • Use keywords
      • Use technical terms
    • Convey a problem or issues
      • By increasing something
      • By reducing something
      • By allowing\ supporting something to happen
  • Another way would be to answer What (problem), Where (issue) and How (solution)
    • Social Science
      • What: reduce level of depression
      • Where: within adult care workers
      • How: increase social contact through regular exercise
    • Computer Science
      • What: to reduce hacking
      • Where: public website
      • How: increase website security features

For example:

  • Java based project management system to support multi-location collaboration
    • From this title I know:
      • The problem is multi-location collaboration
      • The issues is the current project management system does not allow it
      • The solution will be created using Java
  • Promoting patients booking through a bespoke android app
    • From this title I know:
      • The problem is patients are not using the current digital booking systems
      • The issues:  not indicated
      • The solution will be a mobile phone App coded in android


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