Creating A Research Question Or Title

  • This is actually very difficult to do well
  • First you need to decide on what you are going to assess/ analysis
  • There are three main approaches
    • Do some testing\ analysis to support a theory
      • Very quick to complete literature review
      • Often testing is done in a real world context (workplace)
    • Do some testing\ analysis to support a position (debate)
      • Quick to complete literature review
      • Can be difficult to understand the finer details of the debate
      • It may be difficult to test the debate within a real world context (workplace)
    • Find a research gap and do some testing\ analysis
      • Time consuming as it demands an understanding of the subject area
      • You need to find a gap first
      • Completing a literature review can be time consuming and difficult
      • You may need to create theoretical standpoint before testing
  • Find twenty journal articles about the topic you are going to investigate
    • What do the titles have in common
      • Keywords
        • investigate, computation, compare
      • Patterns
        • Predicting …???… through …???… analysis of ….????….

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