Design Principles

Hierarchy Principle

  • Users look for information by importance
    • Text (typography)
    • Graphics
    • Colour and Contrast
    • Object¬†Position
    • Closeness (Proximity)
    • Consistency (Repetition)

Gestalt Principle

  • Users see the holistic shape of the webpage before the details

Page Layout Theory (Ratio and Proportions)

Images And Visual Direction

  • Users can be subconsciously directed to areas on the webpage
    • Images point into page or to key information
    • Humans focus on faces

Page Reading Theory

Colour Theory

  • Users attach emotions to colours
    • Contrasting Colours
    • Vibrant Colours
    • Complementary Colours
    • Triadic Colour Scheme
    • Compound Colour Scheme
    • Analogous Colour Scheme

Font Theory

  • User attach emotions to fonts

Web Metrics

  • Are used to make decisions linked to areas like:
    • User engagement
    • Future development needs
    • User profiling

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