Newport (Audax, 200km)

Another late start resulting in an overnight ride, excellent… quite roads, stars and wildlife. Starting from Eccleshaw, I dropped onto the route at Bishop Offley (the road is closed for repairs) and quickly realised that the route was not has flat as I thought but there were no major climbs, just those little climbs which kill your speed.

Audlem was very busy considering it is a small town in the middle of nowhere, but I took the opportunity to text the wife and take a photo of the church. I had a quick chat with a group of the locals who told me that a big wedding party had just finished… well I think that is what they said!!

A steady pace saw the arrival of Middlewich service station and a quick stop. The only thing worth noting from this section is the state of a small signal track road which helps to bypass Nantwich. In the dark, I had to slow down to safely navigate around all the holes and debris. The section between Middlewich and Dean Row was pretty much the same, but cycling overnight means you miss the views and interesting buildings and structures (the road to Dean Row is very poor so I cycled on the wrong side of the road to avoid most of the holes).

The Dean Row service station was open and I opted to have a sandwich here before moving on. Heading for Sandbach, I saw a lot of wildlife (baggers, foxes, owls, cats!) which I found entertaining to count. Arriving at the Sandbach I chose not to stop at the service station. Instead, I continued on to Alsager and on to Wrinehill. Between Wrinehill and Woore my rear gear cable broke, which is a bit of an issue as my cables are internally routed. Rather than spend time trying to re-route the cable, I used the aligning screws to fix the gear in seven, creating a fix gear bike. Although, I still had use of the forward chain wheel.

Pushing to Newport was hard work as I was not use to a fix gear system the rest at Newport petrol station was just what the doctor ordered. By the time arrived back at the car I had come to the conclusion that having fixed gears was not my thing.


Organisor: Mike Wigley

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