Project Management Key Stages

  • All project management frameworks use comment key stages (see below)
  • You need to show that you understand and have used these stages by applying the identified framework which you justified in your methodology.
  • I have provided a list of questions\ statements under each heading to help you reflect on what you may need to include in your report (implementation stages).
  • These can be used as a mental check-list\ action plan for your framework implementation.  Of cause you will need to consider this in relation to your chosen model.


  • What are the business needs (objectives) of the project
  • How will it increase efficiency, capacity or sales
  • How will it support the primary (hospital) and secondary users (patient)
  • What will it achieve and what will it not achieve (scope etc…)
  • What impact will it have on current workload
  • Are there staff with the required specialised knowledge
  • Is the project feasible

Planning or design

  • Which staff will be assigned and decide on how you will support them in completing their everyday duties whilst dealing with the additional workload
  • Who is responsible for what and how will you ensure that they achieve their responsible
  • Identify real risk and develop strategies to overcome them
  • How will you quality assure/ measure the process
  • What data will you use as your baseline (before project) and post baseline (post project) to show success
  • Create a structured action plan with milestones and time scales
  • Finalise financial reports and feasibility accessments

Production or execution

  • Implement your structured action plan

Monitoring and controlling

  • What indicators will you use to prove that the project is on track
  • What indicators will you use to ensure that workers are delivering quality products/ service/ process
  • Are key milestones delivering what you anticipated or do you need to modified the structured action plan


  • How will you know that the project is completed
  • How will you know if the project has been successful
  • Who will complete the end of project analysis
  • Who will interview project workers to identity best practice before their contract is ended