Project Overview Using A Writing Frame

  • The writing frame is very good at keeping you focused on the keywords
  • The keywords are used when explaining your project


The university library manager has asked you to investigate why the number of external database searches for the library catalogue has reduced over the past three academic years.

(why) If this continues to decrease the university will look at cost saving measures, which could mean redundancies.


The website metrics shows a 50% reduction in library catalogue searches, externally, over the past three years.

Initial Research Approach

Complete user questionnaire and focus groups to identify why students are not accessing the university library catalogue off campus.

Results: indicate that students’ primary interaction device is a mobile phone and the university website does not work effectively with mobile technology.  The students’ indicate that if this problem was resolve they would access the library’s search function off site.


Mobile friend catalogue search function (mobile phone app or mobile phone friendly website)

Secondary Research Covering

  •  Students and digital devices
  •  Mobile technology, websites and apps
  •  Types of apps
  •  Comparison of other library apps
  •  Human computer interface design for mobile phone apps


  • Test the artefact works correctly
    • Black and white box testing
  • Test the artefact with the users
    • User testing (usability testing, time to target, number of clicks)
  • Test the artefact in the real word
    • User feedback
    • Has the number of external catalogue searches increased?