Project Resources

  • Project resources are objects which you will need to have access to
  • It helps to ensure that the needed hardware and software is available at the start
  • Project resources are used to show that you have considered the practical needs of your project
  • Often the resources fall into four headings:

Software Requirements

  • Which operating system will you use
    • Windows, Linux
      • May be influenced by other required software
  • What software will you need to code\ process your data
    • Ms Visual Studio, Netbean
    • Data stores like MySQL or Oracle
  • What software will you use to analysis your data
    • SPSS, Ms Excel, MatLab

Hardware Requirements

  • ¬†What hardware devices will you need
    • computer to code your artifact
    • mobile device to run your android app
  • What specification will these have
    • how much processing power and RAM does your software need

Electronic Requirements

  • Other hardware like
    • Recording devices
      • Microphone – sound
      • Video – light
      • Frequency analyzer – electrical signal processing

Library Resources

  • Books about?
    • Key books which you are aware of
  • Online journeys covering?
    • key journals which you are aware of


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