Report Outline: Feasibility Report

Research Title


Chapter One – Introduction

Chapter Two – Current Situation (Infrastructure)

  • A detail analysis of current situation/ infrastructure
    • For example:
      • Highlight hardware and software
      • Highlight networking capacity
    • Use system system data to support change/ argument
    • You could complete staff interviews/ questionnaires

Chapter Three – Literature Review (Alternative Solutions)

Chapter Four – Research Methods

  • International Standards and Best Practices
    • What national and international standards do you need to follow (ISOs)
    • Consider legal requirements if you have not covered them in your literature review

Chapter Five – Implementation

Using one of the possible solutions which you highlighted in your literature review

  • System analysis (what the system needs to do)
    • use top level computational maps (UML)
      • highlight how the system components are interconnected
      • highlight top level view of the system and how data enters and leaves
    • Link this to the current system and likely up grades
  • Feasibility assessment
    • think about the how much time the project will take
    • think about how much money it will cost to develop (hardware, software and people)
    • think about how much money it will cost the company to install on their system
  • Proposed System Requirements
    • System requirements: formalise/ list about what infrastructure changes you will need to make
    • User Requirements: formalise/ list highlighting user needs
      • access to the system
      • interacting with the system
      • inserting and extracting data
    • Software Requirements:
      • Focus on the software needs
  • For more ideas look here, here and here

Chapter Six – Critical Evaluation

  • Identify strength and weakness in your research in-relation to the results
  • Discuss your result in relation to your requirements or problem (fit for purpose)
  • Link your results to theories and practices in your literature review
  • Link your result back to your aims, objectives and deliverables

Chapter Seven – Recommendations & Conclusions

Chapter Eight – Future\ Further Research

Chapter Nine – Critical Reflection

Chapter Ten – References