Report Overview or Outline

  1. The report outline gives the reader a clear understanding of the report without having to read it
  2. The report outline is short in length, one page and is often written last
  3. This is not an abstract, which are associated with journal articles
  4. You need to cover the following:

Writing Frame:

  1. Outline the situation
    • What is that makes this a problem
    • There are too many people using the system
    • This results in the system crashing
    • When the system crashes there is a loss in revenue
  2. The problem
    • The system crashes preventing the workforce to carry out their job
    • This results in a net loss of one million pounds each day
  3. The solution
    • Do something
      • hardware upgrade
      • new software
      • add software patch
  4. The Outcome
    • The system no longer crashes
    • Indicate increase in system performance
    • Indicate potential savings
    • The projected revenue loss of system crashing based on historical trends minus the upgrade costs