• Think of requirements as a ‘success criteria’
  • Requirements can generally be divided into:
    • User Requirements
      • Focus on the user needs
    • Software Requirements
      • Focus on the software needs
    • System Requirements (specification)
      • Focus on the hardware and architectural needs
    • Feasibility Assessment
      • Is the project practically and financially feasible
      • Is the artifact going to make a difference to working conditions and practices
    • List of Assumption:
      • When create a new artefact of any kind you have to make some assuptions
      • You need to identify these assumptions and cross reference them with your requirments
  • Users use software in different ways and therefore require different functions
  • Depending on your course\ university\ project you might only need to focus on of the above
  • There are frameworks which can be used to support the development of these documents
  • CRITICALLY, you need to link your artefact requirements to your literature review and project success criteria (outcomes) for example:

  • If your artefact involves web security then your requirements must incorporate web security features which you have discussed in your literature review
  • For example, I discussed authorisation attacks in my literature review and highlighted some key prevention measures which I will now list in my requirements: my login function may look like this:


Module: Authenticate

FR_11Check username and passwordUsername
  • Must match an email address
  • Must >8 digits and <20 digits
  • Must have a mix of letter and numbers