Research Approach

  • Research approach is about stating where you are starting from
  • By stating your starting position you can identify which approach you will use
    • Inductive research (interpretivism)
    • Deductive research (positivism)
  • You may write something like…

This study will take a deductive approach to investigating this problem by identifying a hypothesis based on current theory and research; supporting the positivist research paradigm. 


Inductive Research

  • Considered to be a flexible approach:
    • No requirement of pre-determined theory
    • No requirement of collecting data and information up front
  • The researcher uses
    • Observe data and facts to reach at tentative hypothesis
    • Then define a theory as based on their research problem
  • Operates in revise of the deductive approach:
    • Observation situation\ behaviour
    • Identify and record pattern
    • Create tentative hypothesis
    • Link to theories

Deductive Research

  • Considered to be a more rigid approach
    • Requires research to establish a hypothesis by using theory
    • Data and information is collected to confirm or reject the hypothesis\ problem
  • Is used to develop current understanding or change current thinking
  • Operates in revise of the inductive approach:
    • Identity theories related to problem
    • Create a hypothesis
    • Collect data and information based on theory
    • Use data and information to confirmation theory

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