Software Development Approach

  • There are four main approaches to developing software#
  • You need to indicate which approach you will use
    • For most students, it will be a bespoke approach as you are creating a prototype
  • State in one sentence which approach your project will use and why
    • The research project will create a bespoke artefact because….

Bespoke Software

  • Bespoke or custom made software is designed and built for a specific reason, for example, to control a nuclear power plant.
  • They require highly skilled designers and programmers making it expensive.
  • However, the software is extremely efficient and can save the company lots of money.


  • This refers to both general purpose and specific purpose software
  • Off-the-shelve software is relatively cheap to purchase and for most members of the general public, it does everything they want.
  • For some people, it can be restrictive but there is usually technical support available.

Open Source Software

  • Open source software is written by programmers who make the code available for people to improve and provide feedback (collaborative) which improves the quality of the product.
  • However, this approach allows people to incorporate unwanted programs such as spyware and viruses.

Proprietary Software

  • Propriety software is written by developers who allow people to use it under certain restrictions such as preventing access to the source code.
  • This is often used to allow people to try the software with reduced functionality, promoting the user to purchase the full version.
  • Again this type of software may contain coding which may threaten your system, such as spyware and viruses

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