Software User (Population, Sample)

  • Software Users assessment requires you to consider the population and sample
    • The Population is anyone who may access the software
      • Internal users
      • External users
    • The Sample population¬†are the key users
      • The people who actually use the software
        • High-frequency users
        • Medium-frequency users
        • Low-frequency users
        • Non-users

For example

  • How a high school student uses a word processing software is very different to how an office secretary uses it
  • The software needs to complete all the tasks which the end user is required to complete
    • For example, after completing a letter you have to open the letter in different software to complete a spell check. ¬†Using MS Word it is all complete in one software.
  • When evaluating software it is important to be very clear about the problem that the software is going to tackle (what the client wants to use it for).
  • Remember that employers have the legal responsibility to ensure that their computers and software are accessible to people with different needs
    • For example, a disabled person who wants to write a letter but cannot type might strongly consider software with lots of ready-made letter templates and allows the integration of voice recognition software


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