Introduction to SQL

Database Homepage

By working your way through all these tasks you will have a very good understanding of SQL queries and how to use them. As part of this tutorial you will create a very simple relational database, however, the tutorial can be used as a quick reference source too.


Table of Contents

  1. Database Connection
  2. Creating a table called Bookings
  3. Adding bookings to the table
  4. Search your booking table
    1. SELECT
  5. Create a table called diver
  6. Update your driver and booking data
    1. UPDATE
  7. View bookings list with the drivers details
    1. Table JOINS
  8. SQL: Single Row Functions
    1. SubStrings
    2. GroupBy
  9. Create a table called notes
  10. Three-way table joins
  11. Find a free taxi
  12. Driver completed job sheet