Statistics and Distribution

  • Statistics and Distribution is where you show that you understand the data which you will analysis
  • For most people this will be a short essay indicating
    • That they understand the what normal distribution is
    • And how normal distribution influence the statistical measure
  • This stage is important as it allows you to write the ‘Data Analysis’ section
  • You might write something like….

….the design of the study influences the type of data which will be collected and the methods which will be used to analysis the data (Coolican (1999, pg19); Dancey & Reidy (2004, pg7)). ┬áThis influences resulted in this studies data analysis focusing on descriptive statistics with support measures which compare the difference between groups (measures of variance).


Internal validity of data…..

-) standard deviation

-) differing profiles of standard deviation

-) how standard deviation will dictates statistical measures

-) how you will deal with outliers


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