Summaries Testing Results

  • It is important that you summaries your testing as this helps you to make sure that you have fully completed the testing stage.
  • It also helps you to ensure that you can prove that your artifact has achieved the stated project success criteria (outcomes).
  • Within the summary you to:

You need to be explicit if you have achieved your success criteria (outcomes) using evidence (data/ feedback).

Table 1) Success Criteria – Achievement Summary

NoSuccess criteriaEvidenceAchieved
1Increase in website salesThe data outlined in the web metric section (pg64) indicates that the number of sales has increased by 10% when comparing the four weeks before the website updated to the four weeks following the website updates.Yes


You need to be explicit if the artefact has achieved the stated requirements using evidence (data/ feedback). In your viva, you may want to highlight a few of the critical requirements rather than all of them!

Table 2) Testing of Requirement Summary

NoRequirementSC NoEvidenceAchieved
1The time taken to navigate to an item will be recorded1The test data displayed in table 15 and figure 12 (pg72) indicate that this web metric feature is working. Further testing information is displayed in the test plan (see page 65)Yes