Feb 15

Visualising Assessment Words, Blooms Taxonomy, Objectives and Essay Titles

Part of the Visualising Education Blog Series Updated: 15th Nov 2016 Please remember that I am not an English teacher and this is an exploration of a quick and dirty method of developing a student’s writing skills.   Since the … Continue reading

Nov 23

Visualising Intervention – Pre & Post Assessment

How can we show that non-teacher intervention is working in school Note: this article is based on working practice during 2005 Part of the Visualising Education Blog Series It is clear that current and future developments within the education system … Continue reading

Nov 23

Teachers and Teaching Assistants – Entrenched Confusion

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) report (edited by Neill 2002) explored the teachers perception of the teaching assistant and showed that teacher felt that teaching assistants provide pastoral support to targeted pupils. However, there has been a move over … Continue reading