Jun 29

Audax Ride List

Training & Audax Routes https://dancampbell.co.uk/audax-and-diy-routes/ 2019 100km The Ashbourne Loop (DIY, 100km)  (Audax Cert) The Goyt Valley (DIY, 100km, 2.25AAA) (Audax Cert) Ashbourne & The Mermaid Inn (DIY, 100km, 2AAA) (Audax Cert) 200km A Place Call Hope (DIY, 200km) (Audax … Continue reading

Jun 06

Newport (Audax, 200km)

Another late start resulting in an overnight ride, excellent… quite roads, stars and wildlife. Starting from Eccleshaw, I dropped onto the route at Bishop Offley (the road is closed for repairs) and quickly realised that the route was not has … Continue reading