Feb 11

Visualising Planning By Learning Events

Part of the Visualising Education Blog Series In 2011 I reviewed all my lecture presentations and teaching materials for reoccurring patterns and discovered that over a six month period. I went from having presentations which were inconsistent, illogical and all … Continue reading

Nov 25

The Deployment Of Teaching Assistants Within The Classroom, A Teachers Perception

For all stakeholders the deployment of the teaching assistant within the classroom is critical but even more so to the success of the teacher’s performance management in relation to the the ‘lesson observation’ against the Ofsted performance grade as outlined … Continue reading

Nov 23

Visualising Intervention – Pre & Post Assessment

How can we show that non-teacher intervention is working in school Note: this article is based on working practice during 2005 Part of the Visualising Education Blog Series It is clear that current and future developments within the education system … Continue reading