Hierarchy Principle of Design


A hierarchy can be defined as:

Most import to less important
Big to small (Figure 1) Hierarchy By Words And Graphics, below)

The Important of hierarchy

  • Hierarchy is used to communicate importance to the user
  • Humans process information visually long before they read it
  • The human brain group objects by shape, colour and size
  • This means that users look for hierarchy clues to tell them what is important or not
  • This hierarchy by size is often referred to as ‘visual relationships.’
  • Remember that the more text there is in each chunk the less likely the user will read it

A hierarchy can be achieved through:

  • Text (typography)
  • Graphics
  • Colour and Contrast
  • Object Position
  • Closeness (Proximity)
  • Consistency (Repetition)
Hierarchy By Words And Graphics
Figure 1) Hierarchy By Words And Graphics