A Teachers Guide To Computer Science

About the book

The original purpose of this book was a wire frame for a computer science text book which I intend to write.  However, whilst working as a supply teacher I realised that I needed a quick reference tool which would present the key facts about different components of computer science without having to edit or copy and paste between different documents.  To that end this book is structured to allow quick access to key components of computer science and the core facts are presented in bullet points, allowing Amazon/ Google book to double as presentational software.  This approach also ensures that I can access this book from behind the firewall of the school (see index).

About the author

The author (Dan) has spent many years working within the computer technology and education sectors.  Dan has studied at Manchester Metropolitan University, Staffordshire University, Liverpool University and the Open University cover subjects like Computing, Business, Risk Management, Sport Science, Psychology and Education.  He also holds joint copyright for his work on predicting the completeness of film manuscripts along with other authorships.

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FrontCoverOnly- 30th March 2015