Testing Evidence

Prove It Works (black and white box testing)

  •  Visual indication of system checks can be used for:
    •  User interface testing and development
    •  Algorithm testing and development
    •  System connectivity
  • You may have a developers or admin page which presents the status of ALL data within the system in a table format which updated in real-time.
  • This could be used during the viva to show that the artefact internal control is responding to issues
  • For example


Refine Your Artefact (user testing, algorithm manipulation)

  • You must be able to prove to the markers that you have actually refined your artefact
    • Algorithm
      • Benchmarking
      • Display results in a chart and analysis
    • Interface
      • User testing
      • Display results in a chart and analysis
  • For example, a simple time-to-target test can provide a wealth of knowledge, see below
    • Now combine this with other tests like eye and mouse tracking