The 1942 Battle of Midway (Audax, DIY, 100km)

Now that I had left the harbour the mission was revealed. A stealthy approach going wide and attacking from the rear was the principal attack pattern. Midway was sighted through the clouds and targets were plotted. After several attacking waves, the beans on toast was finally devoured and two cups of tea were drunk to toast my victory.

Now that my presence was revealed I tried to hide in the rain to make my escape back via a cheeky shortcut through the strait only to find that the enemy had mined it. A strategic withdraw was ordered and a route around the peninsular was taken.

I had fighter cover for a while from a couple of spitfires but they had to leave. A welcome shoreline was spotted and the usual navigation hazards were encountered to reach my mooring and safety. Final duty before disembarking is to honour the fallen.

Disclaimer: All events and people identified in this mission log are fictitious and in no way represent real-life events and people!