The Abstract

The abstract gives the reader a clear understanding of the article without having to read the full journal article.  Typically, it is short in length, two or three small paragraphs (250words-ish) and is often written as you go or as part of a project proposal.  Here are two simple frameworks which I have come across here and here:

Framework One

  • Purpose
    • State what you are investigating and why
  • Design\methodology\approach
    • State what type of experiment you are using
    • State your population and sample
    • State how you will identify a difference or relationship (prove your hypothesis)
    • State your independent variable(s)
  • Findings\results
    • State the main findings/ conclusions
  • Originality\value
    • State any key recommendations
    • State any significant influencing factors

Framework Two

  • Background
  • Method
  • Results
  • Limitations
  • Conclusions