The Goyt Valley (DIY Audax, 100km, 2.25AAA)

This is my second DIY Audax route of three which I created over the winter. The first was the Ashbourne Loop (100km, 1.5AAA) and the third is The Peak Punisher (100km 3AAA).  This route is really a straight out and back to the Goyt valley.  I was blessed with excellent sunshine, which got a little too much in the afternoon and a gentle breeze. The gradual climb from Cheadle to Ipsotnes was uneventful and at this time of the morning, there was very little traffic on the road which made it a pleasant ride. Crossing the main road (????) at Bottomhouse always seems like a transition into the Peak District for me and a kilometer up the climb you see the stone wheel of the Peak District. As you edge your way over the top you are rewarded with a panoramic view of the Peak District which stretches out in front of you. 

Entering the Peak District at the top of Bottomhouse

Panoramic View from Bottomhouse


steep descent 



The wrong road! – Hollinsclough (muscle bursting gradient)

Vista down the valley at 23.5 miles (Carr Lane to Hollinsclough)





The Cat and Fiddle Pub




Cat and Fiddle Cafe 

Goyt Reservoir


Goyt Valley to the Cat and Fiddle Pub



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