Time Horizon

  • Most students tend to start here as they have already decided on how they will collect their
    • Quantitative (questionnaire)
    • Qualitative (interviews)
  • Now you need to decided on what type of study you will undertake
    • longitudinal
    • cross-sectional
  • Then state it within your research method (and abstract) e.g.

This longitudinal study will explore the medium-term interaction of using energy supplements and Type-A diabetes within the over sixties British population.  The longitudinal approach was selected as the monitoring and tracking stages will take 12 months.


Longitudinal Studies

  • Longitudinal studies are conducted in a temporal approach
  • Often over years using the same respondents\ subjects
  • Results are very relevant but can take years to achieve the outcome

Cross-sectional studies

  • Cross-sectional studies are snapshot of time (like a photograph)
  • Using a sample of people from different age groups to provide a likely outcome
  • Data can be collected within a very short period of time
  • Online questionnaire can be completed by hundreds of people within one day
  • Be aware of cohort effect
    • Older people interpret words differently to younger people
    • Older people have experienced different life events compared to younger people

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