Top Tips For Report Writing

Everything connects

    • Report – Artefact Design (Video)
      • The project title links to the aim (web security)
      • The aim links to the objectives
      • The objectives are linked to the deliverables
      • The literature review topics include web security, SQL injection (linking back to the title, aim, objectives and deliverables)
      • The methodology – web security and chosen software
      • The requirements – link back to preventing SQL injection
      • The technical drawings – links back to SQL injection
      • The testing – test for SQL injection
      • The demonstration – show that system prevent SQL injection
    • Use keywords to link back to the stated problem
      • For example: (web security and class registers)
        • Class registers) Student\ learner, school, classroom, teacher, register, attendance, etc..
        • Web Security) Hacking, attack, attack vectors, injection, SQL, cross-site scripting, etc..

Reference manager 

  • Use a software tool to manage your references
  • Mendeley (videos or quick start)
    • Store all your journals and books
    • Create your in-text references
    • Create your reference list
    • Update your reference list as you add or remove references within your text


Ms Word 


  • Plagiarism is when the student copies or uses the same words as some else.
  • Typically this is because the student has:
    • Copied and pasted into their report and changed a few words
    • Not used their references correctly
  • Key to avoiding plagiarism is
    • To write everything in your words
    • Use the one reference one sentence rule
  • To read more about plagiarism