Viva Voce – Presentation


  • Stated what the problem is
  • Explain why it is a problem
  • State aims and objectives (or hypotheses)
  • Clearly identified your
    • Primary users
    • Secondary users
  • Compared the problem to similar situation

Other Approaches\ Solutions

  • Suggested other approaches
  • Rejected other approaches
  • Justified why other approaches were rejected
  • Clearly indicated solution using simple visual representation
  • Justified how/ why solution will overcome the problem

Literature Review

  • Link other peoples research to your stated problem\ solution
  • Highlighted\ stated key players
  • Give historic perspectives were relevant
  • Has good understanding of the debates\ research\ software needs

Research Approach

  • Identified research approach
    • Longitudinal or cross-sectional
    • Single or Mixed design
    • Software Design Cycle
  • Explained how data will be collected – quantitative and\ or qualitative
  • Highlighted limitations of their approach(es) to testing
  • Identified type of data that will be collected – continuous, categorical, ranked etc…


  • Highlight the common characteristics of the population
  • Consider the implication of the findings
  • Consider the confounding variables


  • Highlighted sample characteristics
  • Highlighted sampling approach random, clusters, quota, stratified
  • Suggested sample size
  • Suggested appropriate collection points, locations and methods

Analysis Data

  • Highlighted key findings
  • Linked key findings to problem
  • Use key finding to justify approach to solving the problem (solution)

Impact\ Conclusion

  • Clearly indicated if the aims and objectives (or hypotheses) were achieved
  • Highlighted how the current systems will\ need to change:
    • Software
    • Hardware
    • Administration
    • Users and\ or customers

Future Research and Improvements

  • Suggest how the solution could be improved
  • Indicate what problems will need to be addressed
  • List ways in which other researchers can expend on your idea

Learning\ Reflection

  • What went well
  • What did not go well
  • Future action


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