Web Metrics


Google Uses

  • Audience
    • Information about your users
      • Demographics
      • Interests
      • Technology
      • Interaction with the site
  • Acquisition
    • How people arrive to the website
      • Direct or indirect linking to the site
      • Search engines
      • Social networking
  • Behaviour
    • Is related to the site content
      • What pages are been accessed
      • How often are they accessed
      • What pages are user landing on and leaving on
      • How long they spend on the site and on the web page
  • Conversation
    • Is related to marketing and spending
      • Time to commit to spending
      • The value of spend
      • Number of occasion an advert was shown
      • Number of clicks an adverts has experienced


Audience metrics provide a very clear indication of how the website is being used by the users.  From table 1 (below) there are 406 visits to the website this week but when we look at the number of visitors there are 135 actual users. Therefore the website has a lot of returning users, indicating that there is a high customer loyalty. This information will help in planning future bandwidth needs and customer marketing strategies.

More telling is the number of pages that each user views on each visit.  Table 1 (below) indicates that this is three pages per-visit which suggests that the users dip into the website for updates or specific information rather then browsing from page to page.  This is supported by the 54% bounce rate (access the website from a web link) as it suggests that the users have bookmarked the website.  This suggests that any marketing campaign would need to target the web pages which the users access the website via as very few of the user (17) find their way to the website from a search engine like Google or Bing.

Table 1) Simple engagement metrics

Visits:406Visitors:135Page Views:1344
Bounce Rate:54.19%Organic Search:17Pages per Visit:3.31

As you can see the engagement metrics have already started to provide a user profile

  • Users regularly return to the site
  • Users do not enter the site via the homepage
  • Users look for specific information

 Table 2) Duration of visits by page viewing

Session DurationPage Views
0-10 seconds54
31-60 seconds8
61-180 seconds53
181-600 seconds46
601-1800 seconds52
1801+ seconds38