Work Based Project – Kick Start

Remember that this is a university academic report and you must write it to achieved the academic requirements of the university. It just so happens that you are using your workplace as a context.

  • When you are thinking about your Work-Based Project I recommend the following:
    • You turn something you are currently doing into a project
    • Consider doing something which will enhance your status or opportunities
    • Recognise that your project is likely to be very different to that of other students
  • The project needs an output (artefact) e.g.
    • Software Application
    • Best practice guidance
    • System drawings for a proposed new system
  • The report itself is not an output (artefact), the artefact is the output

Start to think about your project

  1. What primary data will you collect to prove there is a problem?
    • System performance data
    • Customer complaints
    • Personal observations supported by colleagues
  2. How will this primary data be used later to support artefact success?
    • The system performance data will indicate ….
    • Customer complaints regarding specific issue will reduce\ stop
    • Colleagues feedback data will indicate a change
  3. What key themes will you need to research (secondary research)?
  4. What are the artefact requirements (success criteria)?
    •  This is determined by:
      • Your primary data collected from question one
      • Your secondary research, question three
      • Current system integration requirements
  5. How will you test your artefact?
    • You need to prove that your artefact is fit for purpose otherwise, how do you really know that you can achieve question six! (here and here)
  6. How will you prove that your artefact has made a difference?
    • See question two

Now look at this report outline and Undertaking a midpoint assessment